NE: Can you share a story that inspired you to get involved in AI?

AG: I heard about a study that Microsoft did a few years back. They analyzed the Bing search terms of people that were diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and found that, in most cases, they could have detected and diagnosed the cancer up to three months earlier based on their search results alone. The idea of predictive health care really blew my mind and got us interested in jumping onto the AI train.

NE: How do you see the AI/data analytics/predictive analysis industry evolving in the future?

AG: We’ve built a lot of AI-powered chatbots and tools and, though they are interesting and novel, they only work well with incredibly focused-tasks. We feel that predictive marketing will continue to grow, but that the real AI-innovation will be around ‘just-in-time’ marketing — that is, crunching massive data sets to predict exactly when to hit a user with a message. Timing is everything, as they say.

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