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SF AppWorks Jul 13, 2018 12:25:00 AM 2 min read

The Wonder - 3D Color X-rays, VR as a Cure & Space Gas | SF AppWorks

A Weekly Snapshot of Life-Changing Technology

Happy Friday!

Summer is in full effect, with record heat reported around the country. Movie theaters, malls, and libraries are great places to kill a few sweltering hours. Or you could buy a portable AC unit on Amazon – Monday is Prime Day.

You know what else is hot? This week’s edition of The Wonder.


3D Color X-rays


First ever color X-rays developed at CERN provide remarkably clear images for more accurate diagnoses.



Andrew’s Take: Things that come out of CERN rarely have practical and immediate applications, but this 3D scanner is already being commercialized and tested in clinics to enable more accurate diagnoses and personalization of treatment. The speed at which this tech is developing could signal a good old-fashioned medical breakthrough.     


Darius’s Take: X-ray technology has been around for over 100 years. When you combine this with computer vision assisted image processing and easier 3D modeling, we’re looking at a BIG improvement in our ability to see inside the human body.


VR as a Cure



Researchers at Oxford studied the impact of Virtual Reality to cure people of their fears. About 70% of the control group were cured of their fear of heights.



Andrew’s Take: This isn’t as big of a technical achievement as some of the other news we came across, but because it is readily available and presents so many clear use cases to help improve people’s lives, we felt like we had to include it. Everyone deals with some fear and anxiety. Now we can conquer it from the comfort of our homes. Pop quiz – identify these common fears: acrophobia, agoraphobia, glossophobia.


Darius’s Take: The Virtual/Augmented Reality industry has been growing and we’ve seen many big tech players push hardware and tech solution in that direction. While most of the current focus is around gaming and information presentation, maybe the real opportunity is in applying this tech to solve mental health issues.


Space Gas



A new study shows it is possible to produce hydrogen (for fuel) and oxygen (for life) from water, in space.



Andrew’s Take: This could be huge for space travel, but it also could greatly improve how we launch things into space. Rockets that launch full of water are way less explosive than rockets that launch full of fuel and oxygen.


Darius’s Take: Space colonization is becoming a reality, as is tech to help us survive (and thrive) in space. Supplying fuel and oxygen are two big pieces of the puzzle, which makes this significant. This method makes great use of space characteristics such as much stronger sunlight and zero gravity.


Snobs of the Universe...


…Scientists detected the first neutrino to be formed outside of our Galaxy. Neutrinos are so small they hardly interact with anything in the universe (hence the nickname ‘snobs’), but that also means they can carry unadulterated information about where they came from. The find advances our understanding of fundamental particles in the universe.

Thanks for reading! We’ll see you next week.


-Andrew and Darius


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