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David Calbert Apr 14, 2016 10:08:00 PM 2 min read

5 Inventions We Wish Already Existed | SF AppWorks

Remember that last day of school before spring break? The teacher would drone on and on while the hands of the clock crawled toward the 3 at a snail’s pace. Just outside the sound of birds and the sweet golden sunlight of freedom beckoned you. Man, you would think, if only someone would invent something to make time go by faster.

Who knew that same impulse would one day lead people to greatness? One of the most ubiquitous characteristics of Silicon Valley, and perhaps the one that drives its innovative spirit, is impatience with the pace of progress. An article published on Mashable last week, which presented ten inventions that they believe should exist by now, only further proves this point.
We are never one to miss an opportunity to dream, so we decided to join the fun and add 5 of our own inventions to the list. Here we go!




1. Anti-Gravity Boots


Why they’re a good idea: Since the days when pterodactyls wheeled overhead, humans have yearned for the ability to fly. Plus it would help you chase down any nosey drones that try to spy on you.


2. A Scanner That Identifies Any Historical Figures You’re Related To


Why they’re a good idea: History is a like a great novel, except all of our favorite characters actually existed, and there are traces of them still around today. This invention lets everyone feel connected to the greatest story ever told. It’s also a great party game. That is, until you find out you’re related to Vlad the Impaler. Bummer dude.


3. Holograms Of Instruments You Can Actually Play


Why they’re a good idea: Lugging guitars and drums around is exhausting, and rock stars aren’t exactly known for their lower back strength. But if your phone could generate a weightless, life sized instrument at the touch of a button, you’d be seconds away from playing, recording, and broadcasting your music at all times. It would also give the Jimi Hendrix’s ghost a chance to go on tour again.




4. Light Bulbs That Cool You Off


Why they’re a good idea: Summer is almost upon us. We all know how expensive, loud, and complicated air conditioning is. What if you could replace that with the simple act of turning on a light bulb? A soothing blue light to ward off those boiling dog days would be such a relief, and you could pop one in your flashlight for those afternoon hikes!


5. A Book That Remembers Your Place


Why they’re a good idea: Ever drop a book and loose your place, or nod off in the middle of a sentence? A paper book that knows your fingertips and tracks your eyes movements would be a smart book that appeases people who like the feel of real pages in their hands. Although plugging in a paperback might look a bit strange.


Want to add your invention ideas our list? Follow us on Twitter or Facebook. We’ll update this post with your ideas. And don’t worry, we’ll credit the inventors. No need to get your patent lawyer on the phone.