Is programming outsourcing right for you?

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Have you considered outsourcing your programming department?

Outsourcing any department is a popular choice for many startups and established businesses. There are many benefits to doing so, but many CEOs don’t know exactly how to outsource.

Let’s dive into what programming outsourcing is, and how to start.

What is Programming Outsourcing?

Programming outsourcing is the act of seeking out a third party to take care of your company’s programming efforts. Rather than employing an in-house development team, outsourcing allows business owners to hand over control of the tasks to an external service with professional expertise in that area.

If you’re a startup with low resources or need to reduce business costs, this could be an excellent choice. Even if you don’t necessarily have budget issues, outsourcing can be a financially efficient route to your consulting needs, simultaneously smoothing out your business operations.

Outsourcing also gives you the added benefit of flexibility. By outsourcing programming through a company like SF AppWorks, clients can hire out skilled professionals for various elements of a project–as well as the resources that project will realistically require. The ability to divvy up requirements and coding requests among your team of developers ensures maximized productivity, so that you can focus on what matters most for your brand. Your responsive team is ready to address new challenges, and is dedicated to an excellent product.

When outsourcing your programming, you can outsource functions of programming that are not 100% essential to free up some time and resources to help your in-house team out during intense production seasons or time crunches. Consider looking internationally to reduce cost and increase your pool of experienced developers. SF AppWorks will be able to team you up with the ideal candidates for your specific project with ease.

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How to Outsource Your Programming With SF AppWorks:Step by Step

These steps align well with SF AppWorks, but can also be followed as a general way to outsource your programming department. Keep in mind these steps can be followed for partial and full programming outsourcing intentions.


Simply follow each of these steps to start the outsourcing process:

1. Make your standards clear

Always do your best to develop and discuss an in-depth plan with your programming outsourcing potential partner. This list of standards should include budget, milestones, deadlines, and overall company programming objectives.

If budget, timeline, or another standard isn’t met, look elsewhere. The main point of outsourcing your programming is to save money and work more efficiently. Setting up front goals and communicating those clearly is the key to a fruitful partnership. 

2. Post a detailed job description

Along with your list of business standards, make sure to detail the skills required, how you would prefer to pay, the estimated workload, whether it is one project or a longer-term partnership, the desired developer experience level, marketplace visibility, your preferred qualifications, and any other relevant details. Be open and honest with what you want from your outsourcing company.

3. Find the right company cultural fit

You will eventually be choosing an outsourcing company in the United States, North America, in a nearby country, or anywhere else around the world remotely. Factors such as time zones, company culture, and language barriers can impact your relationship in negative or positive ways. Consider the pros and cons of the proposed team before moving forward with anything permanent or contractual.

4. Visit the outsourcing company’s home bases and offices, if feasible

Spend some time at your outsourcing partner’s offices to see what the work conditions are like, how the management works, and the overall quality of the company itself. Try to meet with the project team you’ll be working with and assess how well they work together, as well as how they will work with you for your outsourcing project. 

Try to understand the process the team will eventually use to track the project itself and communicate with you on a regular basis. Sometimes such a visit can make or break the partnership, so it is wise to commit to it if you can.

5. Do a brief preliminary review with the team

This is somewhat of an offshoot of number four, but do a brief preliminary review when present with the team. Evaluate the team members’ ability to communicate and their skill levels and how well they demonstrate them. Also, make sure there are no issues with your budgeted pay offer. 

6. Investigate your personnel statistics

Avoid companies or development teams with constant employee turnover – this could be a very bad sign. Insist on finding a project team that has worked together, consistently, for a reasonable amount of time and have built rapport with one another.

7. Check references for each of your developers

Don’t settle for hearsay. Speak to your prospective outsourcer’s long-term customers and clients if possible, especially other businesses in your industry or those that have used the same services from the outsourcing company in question. Also ask for references directly from the team members you may be hiring.

6. Make a detailed calendar of deadlines and timelines

Create miniature deadlines within the project you wish to outsource and make it mandatory for your outsourcing team to give you frequent and scheduled updates, as well as access to communication lines if they need to ask questions directly. Companies that adhere to an agile methodology will have this built into their sprint schedules. 

7. Adhere to the law when it comes to outsourcing

Ensure any outsourcing relationship with a company or team meets state and federal regulations, privacy laws, and industry-specific rules such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) which provides data privacy as well as security provisions for keeping medical information safe. 

Keep in mind how your business taxes, deductions, and fees may change once you outsource to another company as well. Keep a paper trail organized so that come tax season, you aren’t totally in the dark.

8. Assess the business expertise of your outsourcing company

Seek an outsourcing brand partner that understands your company itself, not just the technology you wish to outsource. An outsourcing business that understands the company case for the software, coding, hardware, and how it will be used on a daily basis for the project is in a much better position to create a superior product or application with ease. Essentially, make sure your team is on the same page as you, as well as the outsourcing company themselves.

9. Be open to further help

Acknowledge other sources, additional help, or expertise from the original outsourcing company. Consider finding a programming outsourcing company that can provide additional valuable services such as business advice and expertise, financial consulting, marketing and advertising expertise, as well as the necessary traditional IT outsourcing guidelines and service. 

Not only do these added relationship features reduce the number of vendors you’ll end up dealing with in the long term (which means less additional partners to worry about bureaucratically), but it can also create a long-term partner that has an extensive and accurate understanding of your company and a significant stake in your overall success.

10. Focus on benefits that aren’t just financial savings

Take the time to understand how a programming outsourcing company might impact your return on investment (ROI) by getting your project or product to market with more haste, improving your customer service needs and goals, or other valuable factors.

It’s worth noting that not all outsourcing efforts are identical, and some of these steps may vary.


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Why SF AppWorks?

SF AppWorks is a software development and mobile app development company based in San Francisco and with offices in LA and Europe. SF AppWorks provides mobile app development, web development, and multimedia design to companies and startups around the world.

SF AppWorks is a uniquely robust choice for outsourcing your programming efforts for a number of reasons. We can serve as part of your hybrid team, meaning if you only want to partially outsource your programming while keeping a small home base team, we can work with both you and your secondary team. We also provide you with access to people around the globe, effectively opening up a wider pool of high-quality developers to work with.

You can also choose to work with us at SF AppWorks on a project-by-project basis, so there is no need for a long-term commitment if your budget or business choices don’t align with it. We can help you find developers for a number of platforms as well, including web-based apps, Android, iOS, and more.

When it comes down to it, SF AppWorks has demonstrated proficiency in finding production and design-focused development teams committed to delivering your product with qualified efficiency. If you need insight and expertise, we’re worth checking out!

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