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Heather Fletcher Dec 14, 2015 11:30:00 PM 2 min read

SF AppWorks Entertainment Inbound Marketing Services | SF AppWorks

At SF AppWorks Marketing Services, our mission is simple: To spread the love of sports and entertainment.

With over 25 years of sports and experiential marketing experience as well as a background in content and inbound marketing, it was a no brainer to make the call to add sports and entertainment inbound marketing services to our existing agency offerings.


We love what we do, we have experience in executing campaigns for Global 500 companies, and we know what fans of both sports and entertainment want. Because we are passionate about our work, we are constantly researching to stay current on the latest entertainment and sports marketing trends.


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We also believe in the power of inbound marketing and drawing customers to brands through the use of hyper targeted, compelling content. With, inbound marketing trends evolving as quickly as the technology that supports them, we have positioned ourselves right in the middle of the action by becoming a HubSpot Partner Agency. This allows us to leverage industry leading resources to better serve our clients.


So, “How does it all work?” you might be asking yourself by this point. Well, we like to call our our approach S.U.P.E.R. (Strategy, Understanding, Planning, Execution, Reporting) and it all begins with the client and their individual business needs. 


Strategy and Understanding


In this phase of the process, we work with new and potential clients to uncover or “understand” their most pressing needs and translate those into specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely goals. We also take time to get to know our client’s current and target personas, as well as their keyword strategy, and current lead generation tactics.




Then we create a written inbound marketing plan that takes stock of our client’s current position, and lays out specific inbound strategies and activities (i.e. blogging, offers, calls-to-action, workflows, social monitoring, etc.) that we will execute to help their company reach traffic and lead conversion goals.




Prior to developing campaign ideas we host a brainstorm session with our team of creatives, strategists, writers and anyone from the client side that wants to be included. At the start of the brainstorm, the client’s goals, strategic plan, and research results are laid out for the group. Then the brainstorming begins. Once all of the ideas are documented, we score them for their Ability to Execute (ATE) and Impact Probability Rating (IPR). Only the ideas with the highest scores in both categories are presented to our clients. From there, we develop full campaigns from design and drafting, to social promotion, to lead nurturing and scoring. We also have full capabilities to administer the campaigns from start to finish if so desired.


Download Inbound Marketing Guidebook




Finally, we provide ongoing strategy and monthly reporting of our progress, so that our clients can feel confident that things are moving forward. We engage in weekly meetings at our client’s convenience and are prepared to make adjustments on the fly if certain campaigns are outperforming others.


If you feel we might be a good fit to help you reach your marketing goals request a free consultation below and we’ll be in touch.