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SF AppWorks Apr 7, 2022 12:26:42 AM 11 min read

22 Best Tech Podcasts for IT Professionals & Other Technology Nerds: 2022 List

Podcasts are a great way to learn about tech in 2022, while commuting or exercising. You can learn about what platforms and technologies other industry leaders are using, and hear stories and approaches from the designers and developers who are building the next wave of technology.


We love podcasts and listen to them constantly. We pop on an episode while doing chores around the house, when we want to go for a walk, while running or driving or just when we need to lay back on the couch and relax…while “working”. We polled our team on their favorite podcasts and compiled a list of the 22+ best tech podcasts for IT professionals (& technology nerds) like us.


Technology evolves at breakneck speeds - making it hard to keep up with the latest and greatest trends, tactics, or approaches. Check out the list and get the CliffNotes version of industry expertise. Need out-of-the-box insights from technology leaders? Stories from quick-witted developers? Design concepts that impact user experience? Anything that can sharpen your industry knowledge is fair game. 


Here are the best tech podcasts of 2022, with some brand-new gems and time-tested staples for good measure. I’ve split them into 2 sublists, one dedicated to IT professionals of all stripes and experience and the other addressed to a broader horde of technology nerds.


Ready to jump in?


Tech Podcasts


vectorial image of man scrolling his smartphone, as a concept of tech podcasts


Since the podcasting dawn, the tech industry news has come to occupy a unique area of real estate within the media landscape. We've put together a list of the top 11 tech podcasts, chat shows, and storytelling, from incredible voices in the industry. 


If You’re Looking for New Digital Products & Experiences: The Next Great Thing


the next great thing tech podcast logo


Host Andrew Greenstein is brilliant and affable, making each episode enjoyable by infusing the human perspective into everything tech. He talks with founders, CEOs, product heads, makers, producers, designers, and digital creationists about how they’re coming up with big ideas, pushing creative boundaries, and expanding what’s possible in the digital space


You’ll get in-depth conversations that feel like you have a backstage pass to a gathering of the best of the best in the tech industry. New season is dropping this spring, stay tuned!


"I was surprised about how good the conversations can go! It sometimes feels a little awkward to say ‘Hey, can you sit down across from me and have a focused conversation while I record?” It’s kinda scary, even for me. But in the moment, you realize you’re so focused and aware that it’s actually exhilarating. I think our minds jump up a level when they need to, and those conversations definitely need it, so it’s cool to unlock that power and to see it unlocked in others."

                                                                                                                          Andrew Greenstein



Browse episodes of The Next Great Thing Podcast here


If You’re Looking for Quotable Material from #tech: Note to Self


note to self tech podcast logo

The ever-changing world of tech needed a powerful podcast. Bringing to the table their classic WNYC sheen of professionalism, Note to Self is hosted by Manoush Zomorodi, my favorite woman in the podcasting world, who brilliantly manages each episode accessible to people of any level of tech knowledge. Strongly recommended!


Browse episodes of Note To Self Podcast here


If You’re Curious What’s Behind a Tech Startup: Startup to Last


Startup to last tech podcast logo

I am a fan of Startup to Last, a show with over 115 episodes that is hosted by Rick Lindquist (founder of LegUp Ventures) and Tyler King (founder of Less Annoying CRM). 


The charismatic duo dives into discussions on how to build profitable software businesses that are meant to last. This podcast does an amazing job of discussing the emerging best practices and diving into best platforms and tools. 


Browse episodes of Startup to Last Podcast here


If You’re Interested in the ContentOps Technology: Content Components


content components


Without aiming to cover all tech in one show, Content Components is a single topic podcast hosted by Patrick Bosek, a software industry professional specializing in developing, productizing, and solving problems with product content software. 


Listen to this podcast to get an innovative perspective of the world of ContentOps technology. The podcast gives insights into development of tools that take technical documentation into the next era of AI and personalized digital content.


Browse episodes of Content Components Podcast here


If You Don’t Want To Miss Any Facet of Our Connected World : This Week in Google


Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 8.40.50 PM


With 2-hour episodes released every Wednesday, This Week in Google represents a big-picture view of technology topics, from Big Tech's products and services to corporate leadership and competition.


Hosted by 4 incredible voices: Leo LaporteJeff JarvisStacey Higginbotham, and Ant Pruitt, This Week in Google covers exciting technology insights (latest Google and cloud computing news and global impacts of technology on communities). Strongly recommended!


Browse episodes of This Week in Google here


If You’re Obsessed with the Evolution of Tech: The History of Computing


the history of computing tech podcast logo


The show has over 100 episodes and is hosted by Charles Edge, the CTO of Bootstrappers and the author of 20 books on technology. 


 As Charles states:

“The diversity of thoughts and ideas that have been so explosive in the computing industry since World War II came from places like Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin (Cray), Albuquerque, and New Mexico (Altair), just as much as anywhere else. And many of those founders were first or second generation immigrants fleeing an unstable homeland for a variety of reasons [...] Most of what we do in computing are new variations on old themes. It’s revolutionary in the rapid pace of evolution, but to see that the evolution from the 1940s to where we are today makes it feel less daunting to bring the latest little increment that might just make the world a tiny bit better.”



Browse episodes of The History of Computing Podcast here



If You’re an Aspirational Tech Entrepreneur: The Founders' Fable


the founders' fable tech podcast logo


Three friends from Slingshot Ventures (David Galownia - CEO, Dan Murphy - Executive Director, and Savannah Cherry - Director of Marketing and New Business) decided to sit down, start a podcast and discuss unconventional ways of starting a business


The team, as well as the occasional guest entrepreneur, will discuss mindset, advice, all things startup, from product development, customer generation, failure, networking, to pivoting.


Browse episodes of The Founders’ Fable Podcast here.


If You want To Join A Phenomenon: Accidental Tech Podcast


accidental tech podcast


Hosted by Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa, ATP explores the multiple facets of technology, from Apple, programming, to loosely related matters. With over 474 episodes, Accidental Tech Podcast is a true tech podcast phenomenon. 


The three hosts are all developers, so listeners of ATP can leverage detailed explanations about minutiae programming languages and best practices. 


Browse episodes of Accidental Tech Podcast here.


If You Think Video Games Are Serious Business: Triple Click




An absolute must-listen for gamers from all over the world, Triple Click is a weekly show hosted by video game experts Kirk Hamilton, Maddy Myers, and Jason Schreier. They talk over what’s new and what’s iconic in the video games world and answer burning listener questions. Be sure to check it out!


Browse episodes of Triple Click here.


If you’re Intrigued by  the Hidden Parts of the Internet: Darknet Diaries


Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 8.10.17 PM


With 114 episodes produced, Darknet Diaries is charmingly presented by Jack Rhysider and is about cybercrimes that are happening right under our nose. Stories about hackers, breaches, shadow government activity, hacktivism, and all the things that dwell on the hidden parts of the network.


Browse episodes of Darknet Diaries here.


If you’re into Leadership, Business and Technology: Back to Work



Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 10.58.10 AM


With more than 570 episodes, Back to Work is a weekly show that delves deep into how technology blends with work and with people.  Hosts Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin add excitement and fun to any discussion. The topics range from productivity, communication, work, barriers, constraints, tools, etc.


Browse episodes of Back to Work here.



clickable prototype form cover (5)




IT Podcasts

vectorial image of developer, as a concept of tech podcasts for IT professionals


Check out the best tech podcasts for software developers, pods that highlight topics you’re interested in, curious about, or have yet to learn about. 


Here’s a handy list of 11 best technology podcasts for IT professionals (in no particular order) to enrich your daily commute and help you keep up with the industry trends while learning how experts are enabling data-driven technologies.


If You’re into Web Development: SyntaxFM


Syntax fm podcast logo


The podcast is an iconic tech podcast hosted by Scott Tolinski (a break dancer-turned developer who runs the LevelUpTuts YouTube channel) and Wes Bos, a Canadian Full Stack JavaScript Developer who created WesBos Courses. 


The show has more than 440 episodes, which are insightful resources for anyone interested in web development tools and techniques.


Browse episodes of Syntax FM Podcast here.


If You Don’t Want Just Another Tech Podcast: Developer Tea


Developer tea tech it podcast episode

Another time-tested tech podcast is Developer Tea, started in 2015 to help engineers find clarity, perspective, and purpose in regular short bursts of high-value content. The host Jonathan Cutrell, PBS engineering director (and trained airplane pilot) registered more than 1055 episodes. 


This is not your typical tech podcast, on the contrary, thanks to hosts’ curiosity and expertise, an opinion and thought leadership source for many IT professionals


Browse episodes of Developer Tea Podcast here.


If You’re a Newbie to Programming: Learn to Code With Me


learn to code with me it tech podcast logo


With more than 100 episodes, the podcast hosted by Laurence Bradford is targeted to  aspiring techies and self-taught coders looking to transition into the tech industry


Apart from coding tips, some episodes include actionable insights on finding freelance clients, choosing the right devices, and learning to code while raising kids. I can’t recommend it enough!


Browse episodes of Learn To Code With Me Podcast here.


If You’re a Diehard Techie: The Changelog


the changelog it tech podcast logo

This is one of the most popular tech podcasts out there that features a wide array of experts, each of whom is able to take a deep dive on a certain aspect of a tech innovation


Hosts Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo conduct in-depth interviews with hackers, leaders, and innovators of the software world. Being a polyglot podcast, all programming languages, platforms, and communities are welcome in the show. 


Browse episodes of Changelog Podcast here.


If You’re One of the Few Who Enjoys JavaScript: JS Party


js party tech podcast logo

JS Party is a weekly podcast showcasing a rotating panel of JavaScript experts giving you insights on new libraries, emerging best practices, and other industry tools and platforms that impact developers. For anyone interested in sharpening his/her JavaScript skills, this show is a must. 


Browse episodes of JS Party Podcast here.


If You’Re a Ruby Developer: Ruby Rogues


ruby rogues


Hosted by Charles MaxWood, Ruby Rogues consists in a series of expert conversations about Ruby, Rails, and software development involving the Top End Devs in the community and around the world. Don't miss this weekly call to level up your Ruby programming skills!


Browse episodes of Ruby Rogues podcast here.



If You’re Attracted to Infrastructure Facets of the Tech Industry: Software Defined Talk


software defined talk it podcast logo

This podcast, hosted by Coté, Brandon Whichard, and Matt Ray delves into the enterprise and infrastructure facets of the technology industry, covering topics such as Kubernetes, serverless, cloud, DevOps, and coding. Bringing you up-to-date news and fascinating debates. 


Not only is their friendship palpable, but with weekly episodes and over 180 episodes already available, this is a podcast not to be missed.


Browse episodes of Software Defined Talk Podcast here.


If You’re Interested in the Dev Perspective: Under the Radar




With more than 240 episodes, Under The Radar is "never longer than 30 minutes” and is focused more on the developer's perspective than on technology in general. The show hosted by Marco Arment and David Smith is a series of fascinating stories about independent app development, design, marketing, and support. Strongly recommended!


Browse episodes of Under The Radar Podcast here.


If You Have A Passion for Design: UI Breakfast




Started in 2013, UI Breakfast has more than 230 episodes. Jane Portman, the host of this podcast, has an interesting flow of guests who shed some light on product strategy and UI/UX design best practices. The podcast covers any area that is intertwined with UX, from product, marketing, to customer development and so much more. Get your by-monthly dose of actionable knowledge that can be successfully applied in your business!


Browse episodes of UI Breakfast here.


If You’re An Open Source Rebel : Command Line Heroes


Command Line Heroes logo


Started in December 2017, Command Line Heroes hosted by Saron Yitbarek is an original podcast from Red Hat. This highly produced, scripted show offers unfiltered insights on open source development, historical context for tech trends, tools developers use every day, and so much more.


Browse episodes of Command Line Heroes podcast here.


If You're Looking for Python Tips: The Real Python Podcast


the Real Python podcast logo


Listen to exciting conversations with guests from the Python community every Friday morning and learn about Python programming best practices, career tips, and related software development topics.


The Real Python podcast is hosted by Christopher Bailey, a programmer and data analyst with a passion for music. The 107 episodes cover what’s new in the world of Python programming. Be sure to check it out! 


Browse episodes of The Real Python podcast here.




Ingredients of a great tech podcast (7)




Whether you’re an IT professional searching for an engaging way to stay ahead of the pack, or just a technology nerd, chances are you’ll find a show you like in our list of best Tech podcasts. Get access to exciting conversations with industry experts, programming best practices, technology trends, and career tips.


If you have a suggestion of a technology podcast that we didn't include in this list, get in touch with our team.