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Adriana Apr 18, 2013 11:03:00 PM 2 min read

The Dizzying Smartphone War | SF AppWorks

I’m going to admit something that I have never publicly or privately discussed with anyone – I was at the Apple Store the summer of 2007, waiting in a long line of anxious tech geeks, to touch and feel Apple’s most notable innovation to date – the iPhone. Since then, five versions of the device have been launched with new product features such as a larger screen, integrated camera, natural language voice control, retina display – every year I kept up with my addiction and would return to the Apple Store to upgrade. Whether or not I qualified for the 2-year contract upgrade didn’t matter one bit. I just wanted to be in the cool kids club and be an early adopter.


After purchasing 5 iPhones and experiencing issues with the longevity of the battery each time, I decided to chat with Android enthusiasts to learn which product features led them to convert from the most popular iPhone in existence to a new platform . . .the “unknown” (scary!). Most of my friends claimed that the interface was more intuitive, it has a larger screen making it easier to navigate and visually capture applications. Also, and most importantly (to me) was that, collectively, they all mentioned that the battery life specifically referring to the Samsung Galaxy lasts “a long time” (a lot longer than the iPhone battery).


I decided to bite the bullet and try out the unknown – the Samsung Galaxy SII – and so far, I really like it. It’s lightweight, easy to navigate and download apps and the battery life is exceptional!


In doing my initial research about the Samsung Galaxy, I intercepted an article in Time, which helped me make my decision to purchase the phone, but also opened my eyes to some compelling statistics in the ever-evolving smartphone market. Can both Android and iOS cohabitate in this connected society? Only time will tell.


The following data highlights the growing competition within the smartphone market. iOS and Android are neck-in-neck as platforms, which sustain and promote the development of new, interesting and useful apps – without apps, cell phone manufacturers have zero ammo. Worldwide, Android has been growing in popularity, with over 70% market share and 51% of the apps downloaded from the Android App Store. One could say that race for the best smartphone is tightening and over time more consumers will be curious enough to test out and purchase another device – just like I was.


 Kantar Worldpanel Comtech Report
Android smartphone sales 52.1% vs. iOS smartphone sales at 43.5%


Comscore’s MobiLens Study
52.3% Android subscribers vs. 37.8% iOS subscribers


Android smartphone shipments worldwide Q4 2012 70.1% vs. 21% iOS phones


Apps in Application Store
Apple and Google both have more than 800,000 apps available on their platforms


app graph


App downloads Q1 2013 51% Android vs. 40% iOS


app developers graph



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Header Image – “The raging battle between Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android” by Tsahi Levent-Levi is licensed under CC BY 2.0