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MaCall Manor Jun 4, 2021 3:36:31 AM 2 min read

The PushApp: Strength in... Minutes? | SF AppWorks

In the software business, efficiency is everything. Knowing how to delegate time and energy is how we work smarter over harder. 


That’s why we’re launching PushApp: an app to help you reap the research-backed wellness benefits of just 10 minutes a day of exercise, spread over your work-from-home, Coronavirus-pandemic experience. You’re welcome. 


Why Pushups?



Push-ups are a key ingredient in a variety of workouts and fitness regimes—and for good reason. They activate muscles in the arms, chest, shoulders, abdomen, and lower back, all while requiring minimal space and zero equipment. Even better, because pushups engage myriad muscle groups, they effectively torch more calories than a typical isolated exercise would. Think of it as a double stuffed Oreo for the price of a regular. Well, we’re talking about fitness maybe don’t. 😬


Push-ups can seem hard...if you’re trying to do 50 at a time. But if you start slow, say two controlled reps per set each hour, you’ll find they’re doable. You might even enjoy them. The minimal output also allows you to focus on form and stability while building steady strength over time. A mindful chisel, if you will. 


Transformative Habits 


As the global pandemic unfolds, we’re all restructuring our days and acclimating to a new normal, which means we’ve got to be inventive in our approach to productive, fulfilling days spent mostly indoors. This entails altering routines and creating new habits.


The key to habit-formation is to begin small, or in the words of Steph Curry, “start close to the basket.” Shed the layer of the desired action that feels mountainous and you’ll most likely get it done. In turn, your likelihood to repeat the action the following day only increases from that point. Build up muscle memory and naturally rewire your resistance to the action.




I’ve never been a pushup enthusiast, if I may. But after only a few days of 2 pushups every hour, I’ve actually started to look forward to them. Hours seem to fly by and each set offers a new opportunity to practice perfect form. If anything, I feel ready to start incorporating more pushups in my workout routine when I can (hopefully) return to the gym. The best part is I can actually feel myself getting stronger, hour by hour. 


The PushApp notifies me each hour, slow-counts my reps, and logs all of my pushups in a simple, accessible interface. And, unlike your local subscription-peddling gym, it’s totally free. 


Download it here and start counting. #Pushupchallenge #See10do10 



MaCall Manor

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