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Heather Fletcher Jan 4, 2016 11:18:00 PM 4 min read

Missed the Boat on Super Bowl Promotions in 2016? | SF AppWorks

Think you missed the boat on Super Bowl Promotions in 2016? Think Again!


We all know and love the Super Bowl commercials but what if you are a brand without a $4M advertising budget? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are five ways you can promote around the Super Bowl without actually advertising in the Super Bowl.


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1. Create content around the Super Bowl to air on your social networks leading up to Super Bowl and beyond.


As a marketing agency that employs inbound methodology, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention content. The best guerilla commercial example of this we’ve seen is Newcastle’s YouTube ad with Anna Kendrick that ran the week leading up to last year’s Super Bowl.


While you may not have the money to hire Anna Kendrick you may be able to hire a YouTube or other social media star that closely aligns with your brand. For best practices on hiring brand advocates check out our blog on the next generation of brand advocates. However, there are other forms of content that may more closely align with your business, and where your customers search out content. Perhaps it’s a dedicated website or section of your existing site that contains, a blog series, an EBook and/or interactive contest or games.


Whatever the content may be, the point is that you can create something relevant to your target customers that leverages the Super Bowl hype but at substantially less cost than traditional Super Bowl advertising.


2. Sponsor an existing event in the Super Bowl host city or your home town.


If your headquarters are in the host city or you have the budget to activate an event in another city you can always sponsor one of the official organized events. There are also large concerts and parties that classify as Super Bowl events in the area that may be a better fit for your brand. However, you don’t have to sponsor one of the official activities if the audience, cost, location, etc. isn’t right for your business. You can search for local events through Eventbriteeventful, any local event listing sites for your area, and of course Google.


The advantage to sponsoring versus creating your own event is that less planning is needed. Since time is limited, sponsoring another event will give you a head start. Keep in mind, you may end up paying more, once you account for the sponsorship fee and the cost of on-site activation (i.e. booth decor, staffing, premium give-aways, promotional materials, lead capture device rental, etc).


3. Host your own Super Bowl watch party.


If you don’t have the budget to sponsor an existing event and you are an experienced event planner, you still have time to host your own watch party. Depending on your goals, you can host your own Super Bowl watch party for loyal customers, potential customers, employees, contest winners or the general public.


One way to get a party off the ground in a shorter period of time is to partner with another local business or two and share the load. Possibly a venue and food business so that you can lock in location and catering off the bat. If you decide to host your own party, you should pick the date and get to inviting people right away. Promotion is the key to hosting your own event. If you throw a great party and nobody comes, did you really throw a party at all?


4. Create a Super Bowl promotion.


One “Super” easy way to embrace “The Bowl” is to create a custom promotion around your business to bring in new customers that may not have otherwise noticed you. Some local ideas coming out of or culminating in the hosting Bay Area are as follows:

Fairmont San Jose Super Bowl 50 offer provides a luxury experience for 8 including tickets to the game
Graton Resort & Casino unlock prizes at Graton Casino by answering Super Bowl trivia questions
Courtyard’s Suite Stadium Contest to win tickets to the game and a chance to stay in a custom built suite in the stadium game night eve.

Whether you have a small, medium, or large business you can embrace the power of the bowl in a local or national promotion. For maximum impact, think of starting the promotion a couple weeks prior to the big game or launching the day of, in a place where you know that fans will be online at game time (YouTube, ESPN, NFL, etc.).


5. Sponsor a run that takes place on Super Bowl Sunday in your hometown or in multiple target markets.


If your target customers align with the profile of an average runner or core runner, then you may want to consider sponsoring a Game Day Race. The official Run the Road to Super Bowl 50 race is a 5k or 10k race that finishes at Levi stadium on game day. Most races have an expo area that is open for packet pickup a couple of days before and during the race for participants and their family to pursue.


For a list of potential races to sponsor in your area try searching Active. Here’s one special scavenger hunt race The Super Fan Chase in the Bay Area that looks really interesting for local businesses or just to participate in.


The key take away is, its not too late, get creative, get resourceful and get going. Now! Seriously, Go!




If you need help finding the right fit for your company or getting your event off the ground, we’re here to help Contact Us. This is just one of the weekly posts in our Super Bowl series. To read more visit our sports blog.