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Why Your Website Is Your Best Sales Person | SF AppWorks

“Technology has changed the process of customer education… just consider how much a shopper can learn about a product (or brand) on their own, before they even speak to a salesperson.”

-Jim Farley Jr., Vice President of Ford.


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The Internet has changed the sales process drastically, and in particular the way customers engage with a company’s products. Your best salesperson is no longer a human being in a storefront, but rather your website. With the abundance of information that exists online, it’s vital that you position your company’s website to be a reliable and trustworthy place that helps customers along their buyer’s journey.

Here are three ways your website is your best salesperson.


1. Self Education


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93% of the most avid internet users usually read reviews* and research on what they’re buying first prior to purchase. Your website should be chock full of useful and engaging content, so that when potential clients do online searches about your industry, your company will come up as a valuable and helpful result.

The website for the restaurant 4 Rivers Smokehouse is a great example. The combination of stunning photography, scintillating web copy, and Parallax scrolling make their site a pleasure to navigate. They offer a detailed, and visually captivating menu, a list of all their services like catering, as well as a history of the restaurant and all of it’s locations. It also makes you hungry for brisket. Yum!


2. Brand Awareness


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If people know your brand, and trust it, then it validates every product that bears its logo. A great way to make your brand known and loved is by online engagement.

Nike is by far the most successful in online brand awareness. Every online campaign, from the classic “Just Do It” to the interactively brilliant “Fuel Your Team” social network, puts the brand’s name on millions of tongues and associates it with excellent content.


3. E-commerce


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Probably the most important way your website is your best salesperson is that it can actually do a bulk of your selling. E-commerce, when done right, enables millions of purchases without a single person setting foot in a store.

Crazyegg.com is an example of a website with a great sales funnel. This successful SaaS business has a homepage designed to gather your information, enabled with cookies to remember each user, and sends useful after-sales emails offering continued support. These steps make the site much more helpful and engaging than the average sales person.


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