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AJ Eisma Feb 1, 2016 1:34:00 AM 5 min read

How do & Taco Bell's Super Bowl Promotions Rate | SF AppWorks

Over the years, the Super Bowl has become one of the most sought after marketing events in all of sports entertainment. With millions of football fans and casual observers watching the game, advertisers must use creative and, in some cases, wacky ways to stand out in the minds of the consumer.


Super Bowl advertising has gotten so popular, the commercials have taken on a life of their own and are now an integral part of the gameday experience, some even saying that’s the entire reason they watch the Super Bowl. It’s such a coveted advertising event that a single :60 spot can cost upwards of $4M in media fees alone. Thus by a brand’s mere purchase of media time in the bowl they are making a huge statement in the eyes of the consumer.


recording a Super Bowl game on a stadium with a smartphone

Image Credit: “DSC09641 ” by Arnie Papp is licensed under CC BY 2.0


One of the newest routes that advertisers have taken to make the most of this momentous occasion is adding a second screen experience to their campaign. Most marketers see the value of increasing participation and buzz before, during and after the Super Bowl through the use of digital and social media in their Super Bowl promotions.


Those that can create the right amount of intrigue, can increase the amount of involvement one would take to learn more information about the brand. With that being said, here are four Super Bowl spots that we rated based on their effectiveness in this new form of integrated Super Bowl advertising.


Wix.Com is a Web Development Platform based out of Tel-Aviv. Their spot involves using everyone’s favorite martial arts wielding panda, Po from Kung Fu Panda. Their spot doubles as an advertisement for Wix and for Kung Fu Panda 3. cleverly has Po use different advertisement tactics to spread the word about his adoptive father’s noodle shop when, as it turns out, the simple solution is to create a website that will easily advertise the shop to the masses using’s approach is simple, by using the star power of Po, it tries to build the mental association in the consumer’s head between Kung Fu Panda and A good ploy by if their target consumers are parents of small children. In that sense, their advertisement works exceedingly well. It’s entertaining, gets their message out there in a quick and easy way, and it will stick in the minds of the right people.


Now for the down side, and this really detracts from the campaign, is that it may not be taken very seriously by the demographic that it shoots for because it’s a cartoon panda that does kung fu who is trying to sell them on this website. While they may remember it, as we stated earlier, it may only be in association with the new movie release and the business message may be lost completely.


Also, the fact that is going to be contending with other promotions around the release of the new movie means that, the effectiveness of their campaign will be diluted. The use of the hashtag #startstunning along with the microsite is a good way of trying to pull everything together for greater impact, but with little backup from the actual commercial (#startstunning only there is no mention of the commercial does little to effectively represent their product in an effective.


Rating: Ineffective.




The Pokemon spot involves a whole lot of intrigue. Celebrating their 20th year of existence, Pokemon has garnered a lot of attention with their advertising centered around the tagline Train On™. What makes this form of advertisement effective is the incorporation of one of the most debated theories in all of human history: with enough effort and….training…., anything is possible. It’s an easy and optimistic concept that fits perfectly with what Pokemon is trying to promote, gamesmanship.


What is also helping with the push of this product is the call to share your favorite memories of Pokemon using #Pokemon20 across Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. All of the interaction that is available at the fingertips of the regular consumer can only bolster the Pokemon brand and of course its sales.


With the commercial hitting all cylinders by including everyone in activities ranging from the physically gifted, the intellectuals, and the tried and true team players, this ad and its potential effectiveness is incredible to say the least.


Rating: Effective.



Taco Bell


Taco Bell is using a different kind of method to advertise their Super Bowl spot. They put out a “news release” on January 7th in regards to their new “food innovation”. The problem with the memo is that all key pieces of information within it have been redacted. They have included that fans should monitor Taco Bell’s social media channels using #????, and visit starting February ?? but all this leaves us wanting more.


There is a ton of mystery and intrigue surrounding this new product that Taco Bell is launching at Super Bowl and we like it. As of today, their site is live and they are accepting pre-orders of this mystery product up to Saturday, February 6th. On the 6th you will receive an email explaining how to complete your order and when to pickup the product up at your local Taco Bell. This is a strong play for Taco Bell, leveraging their superstardom within the fast food industry to build buzz for their spot during the Super Bowl and the many redactions in the memo, mystery box pre-orders, and teaser commercials cause wonder and build anticipation.


Rating: Efectivo. 


Sun Trust Banks


SunTrust Banks is using a more emotional, yet analytical approach towards its Super Bowl spot. Leveraging different social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) to bring awareness to its Super Bowl commercial, advertisers for SunTrust are describing their spot as “a very optimistic tone” and that this commercial “hits on the real pulse of the nation right now.”


One of the important things that people worry about in their daily lives is money and how to make sure it’s in safe keeping and SunTrust builds on that by remarking on the recent recession within the US economy and how people are finally recovering from that. Wouldn’t you want to have your finances in sure order? Wouldn’t you want an expert on financial situations to tell you how to firmly protect your money? This is what SunTrust is hoping viewers sentiment will be after seeing their promotion. Their usage of social media appears to be as good as it gets based on the subject they’re speaking on, so they are indeed going all-in with their Super Bowl ad and hoping it can stand on its own without any additional social media to bolster it.


Rating: Jury is Out.

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