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An exploration into new digital products and experiences and conversations with the people making them great.



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Donna Boyer, Chief Product Officer, Teladoc Health -
The virtual doctor will see you now




Millions of Americans struggle to afford and access health care. Some delay seeking care because they lack transportation or child care. Others are simply too nervous to visit a doctor’s office. All these issues hinder people’s ability or willingness to see a doctor, which, in turn, directly impacts their health. But the rise of telehealth is starting to change all that ​​especially since the start of the pandemic, when virtual everything became the norm. Donna Boyer has experienced this change up close, both as a mother who sought virtual mental health care for her son and as a product innovation leader. Currently the Chief Product Officer at Teladoc Health, Donna is a seasoned tech executive who previously led product teams at Yahoo, Airbnb, and Stitch Fix. She joins the podcast to talk about how telehealth is fundamentally changing the relationship we have with health care and how technology is breaking down barriers of affordability, access, and convenience. Donna also shares how Teladoc Health is personalizing the virtual care experience with products designed to meet us where we are and seamlessly integrate into our lives.


  • Why accessing a doctor is now as easy as saying, “Alexa, I want to talk to a doctor” and the role of virtual voice assistant technology in the healthcare experience
  • How integrating data from third-party connected health devices helps patients manage chronic health conditions and live healthier lives 
  • How user testing and prototyping informs great product design and creates more personalized user experiences
  • Why product designers should aggressively look for reasons why they’re wrong rather than validate reasons why they’re right
  • Why, when it comes to data privacy, being in the virtual healthcare space is an advantage
  • Advice for product leaders on focusing on the customer, simplifying products, and building diversity and empathy into product teams


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