Auteachism Therapist App

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iPad Brain Games Designed for Children with Autism


Communication is the key to every human interaction, and when a child faces challenges with language it can be devastating to social growth. Auteachism is harnessing the interaction and captivating quality of technology to ease the process of overcoming these challenges. Studies have shown that children with language impairments are more attentive, motivated, and learn an expanded vocabulary when using a computer. The app unites multiple customizable lessons into one platform that does away with the old way of teaching.


The project started last fall when Nikki Dickman – a supervisor to behavioral therapists focusing on kids with Autism – came to us for design development with an idea to turn traditional behavioral therapy into an iPad brain game. She told us that she believed that with our technological abilities and her experience working with Autistic children, we could meaningfully change lives. We agreed, and the partnership was born.

Auteachism Therapist App
Auteachism Therapist App


The Auteachism Therapist App is an application for tablets that turns traditional ABA therapy into an enjoyable activity for children with Autism. It replaces the traditional laminated cards with high-quality photographs that are interactive and entertaining.

It’s designed for use with discrete trial and conditional discrimination protocols, as well as provides a built-in random rotation mechanism that ensures the student is truly discriminating between images. As a Digital Agency, we provided a database that enables multi-client use by cataloguing each child’s past sessions and scores, in accordance with HIPPA privacy laws.


After the project began, Nikki sent us videos every week comparing children using our prototype with children using the old method – the results were inspiring. The children using the prototype were not only attentive and interacting, but also having fun during the sessions. We were moved.

In April we launched the Auteachism App, free to download on the Apple app store.

Visit their website to learn more about this amazing company.

Auteachism Therapist App
Auteachism Therapist App


  • IOS
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Wordpress
  • Ruby on Rails

“Auteachism has been a dream in the making in order to streamline the therapeutic process and create a cohesive environment between therapists and parents. Andrew, Darius and the team partnered with me to bring this dream to life. Their support, expertise and insight has allowed this project to flourish and create an accessible tool to those who need it the most. Not only did they guide me through the process but they also contributed exceptional ideas and feedback to cultivate a viable, user friendly product.”

-Nichole Dickman, Founder of Auteachism