Panoramic image of San Francisco's sky scrapers and the bridge with a red overlay

SF APPWORKS CASE Mutual Aid—an emergency response platform that connects hearts to (sanitized) hands.

WEB & SMS-BASED MUTUAL AID IN CRISIS, our peer to peer emergency response platform, is available for mutual aid management during natural disasters and other emergencies. We can customize and quickly pop up a web and SMS-based platform to connect volunteers with nearby people in need of help. The website collects location data and basic information from users, including phone numbers and the type of support needed. The information is compiled in a database and made available to administrators for further analysis and reporting. Volunteers can sign up to pick up groceries or medicine, offer virtual tech support, or help out in other ways. They can also access a map with the nearest requests listed at the top, and then click to see details and assign themselves a task. In the event that the internet is down during a crisis, the entire platform can be accessed through SMS.


Handlebar was inspired by the outpouring of help we’ve seen during the crisis. We felt we could use technology to bridge the gap between people who need help and people who can provide it, so we set our minds to the task in a voluntary hackathon. Our project is now available to pilot in cities in the United States, and we're excited to watch that dream become a reality. Handlebar Mutual Aid optimizes time with real action and aid, drawing communities closer to tackle the things we can handle.  We'd love to see Handlebar integrated in cities everywhere, and to explore how the technology can iterate to accommodate shifting needs.  


SF AppWorks is a progressive digital agency that elevates businesses and organizations through innovation, but our team’s deeper force moves to spearhead large-scale issues and incite positive change at both local and global levels. By day we're redefining digital landscapes with augmented reality and AI, and by night we're traveling to leading-edge competitions to “hack the future.” We have a knack for becoming involved in projects with greater human impact, from revolutionizing the aging experience, to improving learning processes for children with autism, and now building solutions to address the COVID-19 global pandemic.