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mockups of mobile apps as a concept of product and UX design

PRODUCT and UX Design

We craft UX strategies to captivate, convert,
and create loyal users.

What Goes Into Making a Great UX

User and Market Research
User and Market Research Let's understand for whom and what problem we are solving, and what it takes to be better than other players.
User Journey Map
User Journey Map Mapping out user paths and workflows within the product.
Wireframing An outline of the basic layout and functionality of the product. A blueprint for the design.
Prototyping and Usability Testing
Prototyping and Usability Testing

Building interactive prototypes for user testing and feedback that will inform the next product and design decisions.

INTERACTION AND VISUAL DESIGN Designing user interface elements and interactions that are appealing, cohesive, accessible, and responsive.
Performance and Analytics
Performance and Analytics The product work doesn't stop after the launch. We optimize performance and speed and monitor user behavior and performance indicators for data-driven improvements.
Case Study

Supporting identity exploration through thoughtful UX

Hopelab works on tools to support youth in the exploration and affirmation of their identity. To take an early-stage prototype of a mental health platform to the next level, we started with a UX Audit that guided UX/UI changes and a new engagement strategy.
TV - 234
Case Study

Design Sprint for a Workspace Innovator

Insidesource creates customized office environments for companies like Facebook and LinkedIn. It had a few ideas on how to automate portions of the furniture selection process for their clients but needed help refining, shaping, and testing those ideas. Read the full case study.
Modern office prepared for a design sprint
"I absolutely loved working with the SF AppWork's team. Given some external factors, we had to build and launch a new website in a tight timeline. The SFAppWork's team responded by working extremely quickly and built an extremely cool and well-designed website. They handled all of our feedback diligently, and it felt like every change we had was finished faster than expected. We would definitely use them again!"
Teddy Owen
Teddy OwenChief of Staff, Moonhub
"Our team was thoroughly impressed with the consultative nature of the design sprint. The facilitator's leadership was thoughtful, insightful and informative and we felt completely understood throughout the entire process. Our focus as a company is all about the client experience and setting those expectations high...we can't say enough about our own wonderful experiences as an SF AppWorks client and greatly look forward to continuing the partnership."
kelley naylor
Kelley NaylorCreative Strategy Director, Insidesource

UX design for different devices

From smartphones and the web to smartwatches, IoT devices, and industrial machines.

Humana screens
Nudge Engine for Humana
Nudge Engine for Humana

Multi-channel personalized reminders to get preventative treatments.

OPTE website card
Increase User Engagement with P&G's IoT device
Increase User Engagement with P&G's IoT device

A companion app that connects to P&G's precision skincare device to lead users on their journey to their best skin.

Stout on horizotnal tablet 2
Smart Farm Management for Stout
Smart Farm Management for Stout

A cross-platform app to manage a fleet of smart cultivators working on different fields and crops.

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UX design F.A.Q.

What is your UX design process and methodology?

We follow a human-centered design process that includes in-depth user research, interactive prototyping, and the collection of user feedback through testing before advancing to high-fidelity designs. We work in Agile to stay nimble and adaptable throughout the project.

What is the typical timeline and budget for a UX design project?

Our timeline and budget are flexible and depend on the project's complexity, the product's development stage, and the specific challenges you wish to address.

When to engage a UX Designer? The answer is simple: whenever your project includes interfaces that people are going to interact with. For new product development, we start with a UX Design Sprint before any development work begins. We also recommend a team setup that includes a Product Specialist on our side until you hire a CPO or a Product Manager. When it comes to enhancing existing products and experiences, we frequently begin with a UX Audit.
How do you incorporate user feedback and testing into your design process? We believe that user feedback should be the driving force behind product and design decisions. We provide ongoing usage analytics and conduct usability tests to ensure that each iteration continually aligns the product with user needs and preferences.
Do you offer post-launch support and ongoing maintenance for the UX design? We provide ongoing support and maintenance for the digital products we build. That involves keeping your UX design up-to-date and in line with evolving user needs.