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Let's take that idea to the gym. Here are some ways we can support, from inception through validation of product concepts.

Invisible Icon Opportunity Shaping
Opportunity Shaping

We'll help identify product market fit and potential revenue streams.

Invisible Icon Internal Corporate Demos
Internal Corporate Demos

Gain stakeholders' buy-in for your ideas.

Idea to MVP
Idea to MVP

Our consolidated timeline—from ideation to delivery. 

Invisible Icon Design Sprints
Design Sprints

Comprehensive ideation, prototyping, and testing of your idea in sprints of adjustable length. 

Invisible Icon Proof of Concept
Proof of Concept

Prove your idea's feasibility and viability.

Invisible Icon High-fidelity Clickable Prototypes
High-fidelity Clickable Prototypes

Early stage design made for testing: collect user feedback early and fast.


We've adopted the Google Ventures' process to prototype and test your ideas with real users.
  • 01 User Mapping
  • 02 Competitor Reviews & Solution Sketches
  • 03 Storyboarding
  • 04 Prototyping
  • 05 User Interviews

Why are you doing this?

The first step in problem solving is understanding the shape and scope of the problem. Let's start at the end and figure out the big picture goal - why are you doing this? That should be clear before moving forward. We'll help establish your target audience and map the user journey from start to finish.


It's the time to create choices. We conduct rapid competitor research and brainstorm exercises, followed by sketches of feature ideas.


Prototype decision time. We'll manage a process to determine the strongest solution and begin storyboarding.

Clickable and Interactive

The storyboards are passed over to our design team to be turned into a testable prototype.

Let's Ask the User

Oftentimes, the most important insights are gained from interviewing just 5 users. Real users expose big user issues, suggest features and always show you more than the product team could have guessed.

Test. Learn. Draw conclusions. 

"Our team was thoroughly impressed with the consultative nature of the design sprint. The facilitator's leadership was thoughtful, insightful and informative and we felt completely understood throughout the entire process. Our focus as a company is all about the client experience and setting those expectations high...we can't say enough about our own wonderful experiences as an SF AppWorks client and greatly look forward to continuing the partnership."
Kelley NaylorCreative Strategy Director INSIDESOURCE
"I’ve worked with the SF AppWorks dev team across multiple projects and technologies. They’re a great group of developers – highly skilled and capable of delivering complex products with quick turnaround. They are particularly well-suited for rapid prototyping or innovation work."
Luke ChatelainChief Digital Officer, J. Crew


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