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The Ultimate Push-Up Workout
Get strong with PushApp


Shelter in place?
We like to call it Sculpt in place.

Rip through your workday with hourly micro-workouts.
As you're building body strength, you're also building bulletproof habits backed by neuro-cognitive research. 


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Redefining the Micro Workout


Get strong with PushApp.


Why We Created PushApp


Inspired by emerging research indicating that just 10 minutes of exercise a day can dramatically increase overall health, we designed a tool to help people hit their mark in a convenient, cost-free way. 


All you need is enough floor space to lie down and a minute between each hour of your workday. Friendly reminders, adjustable reps, and progress tracking keep users motivated to stay fit during a uniquely challenging era to keep habits in check. 


The Core of PushApp


  • A research-backed, micro-habit approach
  • Convenient
  • Cost and time effective 


A Better Way to Workout


Costly gym memberships, time, transportation, and intimidating workouts can all hinder progress on fitness goals. Getting fit and improving your health doesn’t need to be a show. Work smart over hard by building hassle-free habits in a matter of minutes without equipment, fees, and planning. 


Even if your long-term goals do include boosting the intensity of your workouts, starting with PushApp can help you build-up to the routines you dream of. Trust us, micro-workouts are the easy way to get addicted to fitness!


Get Fit on Your Schedule


You can use PushApp from almost anywhere––beginning your fitness journey is as easy as one pushup. Gradually increase reps over time, incorporate desired exercises, get excited about hot streaks, and feel the amazing health benefits of increasing your fitness. Boosted energy, spiked metabolism, and better heart health are all side effects of working smart. 


See How Everyone is Getting Strong With PushApp


Ready to get fit on your own terms? Start building strength with PushApp today!


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Great reminder!


“Really love the friendly reminders to take a short break and work on my push ups”


Cool app!


“I think this is a great app because it helps me stay strong; it keeps track of time, so every hour I do push-ups! So if you want to get fit and strong, this is the app! :)”